Education and Training for the Mind, Body and Spirit


   Live powerfully in the Now and Present.   Achieve goals and results, empower the self; build self esteem, self confidence and access the wisdom within.


 “Knowledge becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” Napolean Hill

“Healing goes far beyond the confines of the physical body.  It occurs when we tap into our inner resources rather than look for external intervention.  It is the inner connection with that part of us that is already healed; a retraining of our minds to accept the flow and ever-changing conditions of life.  A mind filled with confusion and despair only adds to the pain of an illness.  To be "healed" means to restore oneself to a place in which the mind is at peace.” Healers on Healing

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Global Health Integrative Systems offer various learning sessions and interactive workshops, and lectures on Complementary and Integrative Health Care. The various integrative health modalities available for presentation are as follows:

Acupressure: Health in your hands. Removing blockages and energizing the meridians and optimising your health.

Aromatherapy: Use of essential oils for well being. Learn and use aromatherapy in your daily life for your well-being.

Ayurveda: Body constitution, diagnosis, diet, nutrition, oil bath, massage techniques

BACH Flower Remedies: How to use Bach Flower Remedies

Breathwork and Meditation: Utlizing yoga breathing to attain states of meditation and peace of mind, working through the various chakras.

Chakras and Endocrine Glands: Understand connection between chakras and endocrine and the hormones. Staying aligned in and out.

Creative Visualization: Using visualization to enter your subconscious mind and explore your core beliefs. The mind relates to images and how to create your goals and removing the barriers.

Food Combination: Using best food combination for your health

Herbs: Use of herbs for health, understand prescription drug and herbal interactions, herbs as food, spice, teas, tincture, creams, etc.

Homeopathy: Understanding Homeopathy and its benefits

Juicing: Utilizing the benefits of natural pure and raw juices to maintain a healthy immune system.

Massage: Western and Ayurvedic massage and techniques

Meditation: Style and types of meditation taught from beginner to intermediate

Micronutrients: All about natural sources of foods, vitamins and minerals for optimum health via anti-oxidants and minimizing side-effects of prescription medications.

Naturopathy: Understanding the vast field of Naturopathy and its numerous benefits

Pharmacology of Prescription Medicine: Understanding pharmacokinectics, pharmacodynamic drug and how to minimize drug interactions with micronutrients, herbs and foods.

Sexual health and Spiritual health: Integrating sexual health, sexual orientation and spiritual health

Siddha medicine: The alchemy of Siddha medicine and how to use it in daily living

Yoga: Traditional Hatha yoga, mantras, pranayama (breathe work), diet, chakra alignment, meditation and visualization