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   Live powerfully in the Now and Present.   Achieve goals and results, empower the self; build self esteem, self confidence and access the wisdom within.

“Knowledge becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” Napolean Hill

“Healing goes far beyond the confines of the physical body.  It occurs when we tap into our inner resources rather than look for external intervention.  It is the inner connection with that part of us that is already healed; a retraining of our minds to accept the flow and ever-changing conditions of life.  A mind filled with confusion and despair only adds to the pain of an illness.  To be "healed" means to restore oneself to a place in which the mind is at peace.” Healers on Healing



Here are a few of the articles written from a holistics point of view. They cover many topics of life, health and living life fully and to step outside the western framework of concept and view life journeys from a different angle.


Present Tense: Do our lived experience help us move forward or do they hold us back? 


Out in the continent, Desilife
The heart and soul of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ghee and Tonic; Treating HIV with Ayurved and Siddha medicines

Liquid lunch: juicing

Why I choose heart over HAART

On death, dying - and living

Beating the blues; Holistic approaches to treating depression 

Testament to a trailblazer 
http://www.bcpwa.org/articles/issue_20_7-  8_testament_to_a_trailblazer.pdf
Listening to your body


National Publications at CATIE
Contributing author, Managing Your Health, 2009

Contributing editor, Practical Guide to Nutrition for PHAs, 2007 

Co-authored, Practical Guide to Complementary Therapies for PHAs, 2004
Co-authored, Practical Guide to Herbal Therapy for  PHAs, 2004