BACH Flower Remedy

"Health depends on being in harmony with our souls." Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Flower Remedies was invented by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) who was a physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher from Birmingham, UK.  From his medical practice as a Medical Officer and House Surgeon he became aware in 1912 that people's personality and attitudes have an effect on their state of health. From his experience he came to the conclusion that personality is more important than symptoms.  Over the following years from his studies of his patients he had a few revelations of type of persons and their relation to illness. He realized than the effect of emotional state on health.  In 1930 he started developing a method of preparing plant remedies using pure water.

Emotion and Health:  He classified 38 negatives states of mind and hence has developed 38 remedies for those emotional states.  Our physical self and illnesses are manifestation of our mind and thoughts. Emotions such as transition, anxiety, fear, loneliness and despair affect health and intermingle and precede each other.  One does not have to use all 38 remedies in any disease.  For each specific mood or emotional state he discovered a corresponding flower from a plant or tree which assists in alleviation of the disharmony of the mind body- soul.  The only exception is Rock Water. It is made from the water of natural spring with healing properties.

General information about BACH Flower Remedies: To sum it up BACH Flower Remedies is simple, natural and effective. Five remedies that are used from the 38 remedies are called the Five Flower Formula.  They are Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose. To this combination  Crab Apple was added and hence the infamous Rescue Remedy (RR).  Rescue Remedy can be used in times of crisis, acute emergency and stress, phobias, trauma, shock, stage fright, interviews, etc.  Other uses are sunburn, rashes, itching, cuts, burns, haemorrhoids, and gingivitis and diaper rash.
Rescue remedy can be used a minimum 4 times a day.  It has self diminishing effect (over a period of time you take less and less as you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically).  (BFR are made with 27% grape alcohol).

Method of Action for BACH Flower Remedies or Rescue Remedy:  Flower essences like homeopathy work with energy of life force or vibration energy. You can see it via Kilran photography.  The water becomes infused with the life force of the flower or tree blossoms. It thus retains the healing essence, to impart their restorative powers to fortify mind body and soul. They work specifically on the emotional state of the person to make them aware of the  dis-ease and enabling them to be aware of their attitude. With awareness one is gradually able to transform the negative attitude into a positive one. RR helps develop virtues to connect with higher self and our positive potential.

Dr. Bach also believed persons suffering  from the same disease do not necessarily benefit from the same medicine.  As each of us are marked by our life experience and personal belief system we all are affected differently by illness with a few similar symptoms.  When a personality takes over, one loses contact with the soul and looses touch with reality but identifies strongly with the disease.
The subtle actions of the remedies are classified into 5 parts:
1. Peeling away the underlying emotions, issues.
2. Retrospective -people around you observe your change
3. Positive effects- more relaxed and in touch with your self
4. No response, some people have no response. This could be attributed to ingestion of wrong remedy
5. Side effects- as in any healing process flu, rashes, upset stomach are sometimes observed.
NOTE: With most natural healing system you sometimes feel worse before you get better. The body’s innate healing/cleansing mechanism has to clear the "blockage and toxin."  As we peel off one layer another layer emerges.  If you have a response you do not like stop taking the remedy.

Can everyone use it?  BFR can be used on adults, babies, animals and plants. It is NOT meant to replace serious/emergency medical situation but it can be used  while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

How to take BFR?  BFR can be added to any drinking liquid medium.  4 drops in a carrier bottle.  A carrier is any liquid preferably water, mineral water, juice, tea, coffee, soy, milk, etc. It is not advisable to use distilled water as distilled water does not have the life force or vibration frequency necessary to cause the effect.  This mixture has to be used within a week.

To prolong shell life in carrier bottle use brandy or apple cider vinegar. Use a dropper bottle. Add 4 drops (half teaspoon) of brandy/apple cider vinegar into carrier medium as this will prolong shell life for 6 months.  If you are mixing personal remedies, use 2 drops of each remedy. Maximum 6 different remedies mixed any one time. Remedy should be stored away from heat.

Unlike homeopathy, RR can be taken at any time and is not neutralized by garlic, mint or Tea-tree oil.  (Homeopathy supplements effects are neutralized if you take them with garlic, mint, Tea-Tree or store near them).   Dosage- minimum 4 times a day, first thing in morning and last at night & morning.

Shelf life:  BFR can be stored up to 5 years in their concentrated form.

Remedies specific to immune –suppression:  These remedies are specific for dealing with physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual issues in immune suppression: STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ROCK ROSE, CRAB APPLE, GORSE, OAK, WILD ROSE, ROCK WATER

Other general remedies for immune suppresion are:  ASPEN, ELM, GENTIAN, MIMULUS, MUSTARD, WALNUT.

A brief description of the 38 remedies.

AGRIMONY: For those who hide behind a brave face, care free, humorous personality while mentally agonizing and stressed with anxiety and worries.

ASPEN: For fears and worries of specific reason or unknown origin a feeling of doom.

BEECH: For people who are constantly criticizing and judgmental of others.

CENTAURY:  For persons who have no self worth, weak willed, introvert/passive, subservient to others.

CERATO: For people always seeking approval, confirmation,  advice from others. Have low confidence. Help inner wisdom emerge.

CHERRY PLUM: For people afraid of losing the mind, verge of nervous breakdown, deep despair, suicidal. Also for people battling addiction, lack of control, self abuse, eating disorders and desperation.

CHESTNUT BUD: For people who keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Failure to learn from past.  Helps integration of life experiences.

CHICORY: For people  who have tendency to constantly fix other peoples issues. Rather self serving and overly protective.

CLEMATIS: For people not living in the present but in the future or dreamy, spaced out.

CRAB APPLE: For people feeling unclean, tainted, poor self image, polluted, shame and needs detoxification.

ELM: Unable to deal with situation, overwhelmed and feeling inadequate to address issue/events.

GENTIAN: For people, who easily give up, lack motivation, pessimistic and lack faith, courage. Also for persistent doubters stuck in therapy and asthma suffers.

GORSE: For people who suffer from perpetual melancholy, feel helpless, condemned, extreme hopelessness.

HEATHER: For people who constantly fixated with themselves, always in need of an audience, dislike being alone.

HOLLY: For persons full of hate, suspicion, envy, and jealousy.

HONEYSUCKLE: For people, who live in the past as the good times, too attached to past memories hindering living in the present.  Also for  jet lag and displacement.

HORNBEAM: Also known as HORNBEAM.  For the Monday morning blues, mental lethargy.

IMPATIENS: For people who have no patience for others. Does not like to be delayed.

LARCH: For people, who lack confidence in themselves, feeling not worthy.

MIMULUS: For people who fear the known  poverty, catastrophe, tongue-tied, job loss, darkness,  illness, pain, alone, etc. Also for asthma suffers.

MUSTARD: For people who experience a sudden onset of  depression, gloom, despair.

OAK: For people who struggle on even when all odds are against them and overworked.

OLIVE: For people completely worn out mind and  body. Have no more resource of energy to carry on.

PINE: For people never satisfied with themselves, their results, even when  successful.

RED CHESTNUT: For people who are over concerned for the well being of other while neglecting their own.

ROCK ROSE: For people experiencing states of panic, trauma, terror, frozen state, hysteria, and nightmares. If patient is not conscious, moisten lips of patient till medical assistance arrives.

ROCK WATER: For people who have very rigid notions of life, ideas, very structured and extremely disciplined, without joy in living life.

SCLERANTHUS: For people who can't make a decision between two choices. They lack insight of the middle path. Hinge on either extreme of emotion. Also for PMS and mood swings.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: To help people cope with the after effects of shock, trauma of the mind or body.

SWEET CHESTNUT: For people who have reached the end of the rope. On the verge of a nervous breakdown.

VERVAIN: For people who over exert themselves in accomplishing any task. Over enthusiastic and self sacrificial.

VINE: For people who are overbearing, controlling, domineering and very aggressive.

WALNUT: For people who are undergoing major life changes and afraid of the new changes, events, etc.

WATER VIOLET: For people who are very independent, aloof and choose  to be on their own even in times of  problems or illness.

WHITE CHESTNUT: For people troubled by unwanted thoughts, constant mental nagging, arguments and unhappy thoughts.

WILD OAT: For people confused as to the right goals, ambition and path to follow in life.

WILD ROSE: For people who are indifferent and resigned to life.  They lack confidence, ambition and have no drive to change situations. Also used for grieving process.

WILLOW : For people who feel they have been short-changed in life.  Feel life has been unfair to them and bitter about events in their life.

Other readings:

Recommended book on BACH Flower Remedy and Dr. E. Bach are, The Work of Dr. Edward Bach, Heal Thyself and The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies.

In Canada BFR can be ordered from Alypsis Inc., PO Box 2465, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7Y8. Telephone: 1-800-375-6222, Fax: 1-705-749-0275.   Genuine Bach Remedies will bear the title Bach Flower Remedies along with the UK address of the manufacturer.